New Orleans Dance Clubs Guide

New Orleans Nightclubs Bourbon Street

There are a lot of things that you can do in New Orleans, such as visit tourist attractions, dine at world class restaurants, shop at various stores and more. However, one of the best things to do is to check out the different dance clubs that the city has to offer. Continue to read this article to find out what types of clubs are in the city, as well as how you should dress, and the name of some clubs you can visit while in New Orleans.

Types Of Dance Clubs In New Orleans

There are so many different types of clubs located throughout the city. This is why the nightlife in New Orleans is worth checking out. Whether you are looking to dance the night away to jazz music, hip-hop music, country music, rock music or a mixture of everything, then you will have no problem finding the perfect dance club in New Orleans. It does not matter what you’re in the mood for, you will love what the city has to offer you.

Dressing For Dance Clubs In New Orleans

As for how you should dress while club hopping in the city, it is completely up to you. However, some clubs may have a dress code that you will need to follow in order to gain entrance. Most clubs will allow you to enter if you are dressed casual, but not too casual. Men should wear a nice shirt, a nice pair of pants and shoes. Women can get away with wearing dress, skirts and nice jeans and shoes/heels. Basically you should dress as if you were going out to eat at a nice restaurant with your partner or if you had a partner.

Clubs You Can Visit

This section will go over some of the different dance clubs you can visit while in New Orleans. Some of those clubs, as well as some info about them, are as followed:

Ampersand Club – This club is located within walking distance of the French Quarter. One of the coolest things about this particular club is that it is always busy, regardless if it is a weekend night or a weeknight. It features two floors, and there is even a swimming pool located there. It is also common for the club to host well known DJs and musicians, such as Lil Wayne. You will love the massive dance floor, as well as the outdoor patio. If you are looking for an upbeat dance club that is always busy, then you will want to visit the Ampersand Club.


Beach on Bourbon – This club can be found on the famous Bourbon Street, and it is a huge hit with tourists and the locals. You will enjoy dancing the night away at this spot, and it has something for everyone in your group. The setup of the club is nice, the dance floor is a decent size and sometimes there is even live music. It is worth mentioning that there is even a mechanical whale that you can take a ride on. This is one of the coolest dance clubs you can go to in New Orleans.

Bourbon Heat – Bourbon Heat is another club on Bourbon Street, and it is the type of club that everyone seems to love. It is a two-level club, that features a great dance club on the upper floor, where all sorts of music is playing and some of the best DJs in the region can often be found on the second floor. If you head to the downstairs you will notice a courtyard, which is where jazz music is usually playing. This place is quite big, it is clean and the staff is extremely friendly. Also, the drinks are very affordable, so make sure to pay Bourbon Heat a visit if you plan on going to New Orleans.

The Dungeon Club – Toulouse St. is where the Dungeon’s Club can be found, and it is open virtually all night long. It usually opens its doors at 12AM and stays open until 4AM. This is one of the best dance clubs to visit, as there is a great variety of music that is played here and the drinks are excellent.

The above dance clubs are just a few you can visit. Some of the other clubs that are located in the city include Chris Owens Club, The Famous Door, The Gold Mine, Handsome Willy’s and House Of Blues to name just a few.

If you have never been to New Orleans, then you should consider going, especially for the dance clubs. The clubs that are located there are one of a kind, and you will love hopping from one club to another club. Visit the city as soon as possible, and when you arrive you will find out exactly why New Orleans, as well as the clubs there, are in a league of their own.

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